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Triple Threat Podcast: What’s really happening with the Phoenix Mercury?

The Bonnet Gang looks at some of the WNBA’s most disappointing teams to start the season.

Seattle Storm v Phoenix Mercury Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

The Bonnet Gang is joined by @DragonflyJonez to take their weekly spin through the world of professional basketball, and on this episode, the topic is beef.

In the WNBA world, the Phoenix Mercury had a public dust-up between the two members of their starting backcourt, Diana Taurasi and Skylar Diggins-Smith. Diggins-Smith has been out ever since with a non-Covid illness, but the Bonnet Gang smells something fishy. They also dive into the Minnesota Lynx’s tumultuous start to the season and can only come up with one possible solution: a miraculous Maya Moore return to the league.

Switching over to the NBA playoffs, the feud that has been the talk of men’s basketball is Chris Paul vs. Patrick Beverley, and the crew has some thoughts about Beverley’s comments following Paul’s untimely postseason exit. They examine Paul’s legacy and the validity of Beverley’s criticism before also getting into some other luminaries who disappointed — perhaps predictably — in this year’s playoffs, including James Harden and Doc Rivers.

They then spend some time on the end of the Bucks/Celtics series, the over-exposure of high school athletes, and how NIL will ever be regulated before closing with their regular music recommendations.

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