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Triple Threat Podcast: How many rounds should there be in the WNBA draft?

There’s a lot for the Bonnet Gang to catch up on with the WNBA and NBA both getting into swing.

WNBA Draftees at Empire State Building Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

The college season has come to an end — and don’t forget to call Chauny a champion for the foreseeable future — so the Bonnet Gang moves on to the pro leagues on the latest episode of the Triple Threat podcast. To do so, they enlist the help of Nat (@natfluential), one of the Hoopstresses who hosts a Twitter Space for women to talk hoops.

The four begin by once again reliving the joy of Dawn Staley and South Carolina’s big win before getting into the NBA playoffs. Nat is a Warriors fan and Trisity roots for the Grizzlies, so that leads to a discussion about the two teams potentially meeting in the second round of the postseason, as well as why Memphis fans still hate Andre Iguodala so much.

They then talk about why these playoffs mean so much for James Harden in particular and why no one else really has their legacy on the line this particular year.

The group closes by recapping the WNBA Draft — lots of love for the work of the Atlanta Dream, especially if this year’s tank gives them a better chance of selecting Aliyah Boston in 2023 — and specifically trying to figure out why there are three rounds when each team can only roster 12 players.

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