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Triple Threat Podcast: Russell Westbrook a big part of Lakers’ first win

The Bonnet Gang checks in on the state of the Los Angeles Lakers and much more.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers
Russell Westbrook
Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The Bonnet Gang kicked off its latest episode of the Triple Threat Podcast, entitled #Russergence, with a look at the Lakers’ first win of the season in which Russell Westbrook had 18 points, eight rebounds and eight assists off the bench. After the game, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham said that Westbrook took the blame for everything last year and a lot of it wasn’t his fault. Chauny and Juanita don’t know why everyone expected Ham to rip Westbrook like everyone else does. He’s an NBA head coach not a Twitter troll and actually wants to see Westbrook succeed.

Juanita talks about how the Lakers’ defense is actually good, it’s just their offense that is hurting them. She also begs them to trade for a small forward and to not rely too much on an aging LeBron.

Chauny tells everyone to “leave Ben Simmons alone” because they’re just criticizing him because it’s popular to do so. The duo then talks about the Warriors’ early-season struggles, the 76ers’ tampering charges and the Spurs releasing Joshua Primo for allegedly exposing himself to a therapist.

Moving into baseball, the gang shows no sympathy for the Dodgers and Yankees, who completely blew their seasons. Juanita doesn’t think the Dodgers are in a position to be blaming it on the postseason format, saying “be better or shut up.”

The episode wraps up with a discussion of new music and the recent Kanye West news. Chauny and Juanita don’t understand why everyone decided to be anti-Semitic all of a sudden and talk about all the athletes who cut ties with Donda Sports.

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