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Players of the New School: Bria Felicien’s WNBA R&B Albums (Part 1)

Bria Felicien is one of the brightest stars covering women’s sports today. In the latest episode of “Players of the New School,” she breaks down the 2020 WNBA teams as R&B albums.

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AT&T WNBA All-Star Game 2019
Teyana Taylor is one of the league’s favorite artists. Check to see if she made Bria Felicien’s list!
Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Music and basketball go together like peanut butter and jelly. The world hasn’t been the same since Kurtis Blow’s infamously-titled hit, “Basketball.” Atlanta writer, podcaster and audiophile Bria Felicien sat down with Jasmine Baker in a two-part episode of “Players of the New School.” The up-and-coming journalist has a unique approach to sports, recently publishing an R&B album thread for NWSL teams.

The COVID-19 season was considered in the team listings. Felicien decided to approach the list pre-opt-outs. The 2020 WNBA Draft presented a loaded class as they experience first “bubble” season in league history. Many will be streaming hours upon hours of music this summer to pass the time. Felicien dishes a few albums you can check out all summer!

The teams mentioned in the episode are listed with a link to their respective albums:

Join Baker and Felicien as they delve into the WNBA’s ongoing fight for social justice and then discuss which R&B album best describes each WNBA team.