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How to use FanPosts at Swish Appeal

Make your voice heard!

WNBA: Finals-Los Angeles Sparks at Minnesota Lynx Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

So you’ve been reading our coverage of women’s basketball here at Swish Appeal. You’re familiar with our writing, pop in for a few comments every now and then, maybe even tweet at some of the staff on Twitter. Or maybe you’re a lurker, still consuming all the content we post, but doing so behind the anonymity of your screen.

You obviously come here to read our material because you love the game. But then one day something happens on the court that gets you fired up. After going through everything that Swish Appeal has to say on the issue, you realize WE’RE MISSING SOMETHING!!

Hey, it happens. We do not know everything, nor do we pretend to! And sometimes the staff simply just don’t have time to get all angles covered.

So you sit and stare at your computer, tablet, or phone. You’re fuming with well-conceived ideas that are thought through. You don’t want to start a discussion in the comment thread because what you have to say requires more text, and pictures, and links, and charts, and you want it to look nice, so your argument comes off well.

I present to you:

Swish Appeal FanPosts

This section of the site is primarily meant for you, the readers of Swish Appeal. What it allows you to do is create an article that’s nearly identical to the layout and function as the actual articles published on Swish Appeal. You can insert links, pictures, videos, GIFs ... nearly anything that’s got an HTML embed.

FanPosts are located on the far right side of the site, below the top of the page.

But you don’t have to get fancy to use FanPosts. They can be as simple as a few paragraphs with some of your ideas and thoughts.

Here are just some of the examples of what you can use FanPosts to do:

  • Start discussions with other Swish Appeal or SB Nation members. You can even create a poll that people can vote on.
  • Analyze statistical trends or break down the performance of a player.
  • React to news in the basketball world.
  • Analyze trades, or even create your own hypothetical trades for discussion!
  • See something on social media that you want to react to? You can embed tweets, Vines, Instagrams, and Facebook posts directly into the articles to start your talking point!
  • Maybe you’re an artist and you want to show off something you created that was inspired by a player or team. Yes!
  • Do you want to write something humorous or goofy? EXCELLENT. Just remember:

The world is your oyster as long as you follow some guidelines:

  • FanPosts are NOT for linking to articles, videos, or any material on the internet without a minimum of 150 words of commentary on the subject. If you just want to link a video and say “Hey, check out this awesome video” then head over to the FanShots section.
  • FanPosts are NOT for copying/pasting material from your own blog or publication (or from other people’s blogs or publications — that’s plagiarism and will get you in trouble). If you want to bring attention to an outside publication then, once again, you’ll need to head over to FanShots.
  • FanPosts are NOT for asking one-line questions to the community.
  • WRONG: “What do you all think about (player A) going up against (player B)?”
  • RIGHT: “I think (player A) is going to dominate (player B) because (insert at least 150 words of insightful commentary). What do you all think?”
  • FanPosts are NOT for advertising something you’re selling. That goes for merchandise, access, tickets, employment ... whatever.

Some of the benefits of posting well-composed FanPosts:

  • Firstly, you get to exercise your responsibly-used freedom of speech. Writing is good for the mind and good for the soul!
  • If your FanPost is something the staff thinks people will enjoy reading, we will pull it from the FanPost section and publish it live on the cover of Swish Appeal! That’ll include a fancy cover photo, and quite possibly a touched-up headline and copy, if necessary!
  • We also occasionally promote FanPost material on social media and feed it to Google! People from all over the world could be reading your words.

Tips for writing FanPosts:

  • Be original!
  • Use proper grammar and spelling to ensure no one is distracted from the point you’re trying to make. We all make mistakes, but giving your FanPost a couple of proofreads will do wonders for presentation most of the time.
  • Use paragraph breaks for large blocks of text. The quickest way to get people to NOT read your FanPost is to present them with the dreaded WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT WALL OF TEXT.
  • By all means, use humor in your FanPosts. Be as funny as you like, but just remember to follow the community guidelines.


If you have written a FanPost or created a FanShot, feel free to drop a link in the comments section of a recent post, to let others know they should read it.

If you like a FanPost or FanShot, you can “rec” it just like you can recommend a comment. Doing so helps keep the post placed at or near the top of the list, and on the front page.

Use these great tools to find your voice and make your presence known!

Much of this is from the excellent FanPosts/FanShots guide at GrizzlyBearBlues.