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Hoops Happening: Today in women’s basketball — Wednesday May 2, 2018

WNBA President Lisa Borders joined women leaders from other sports’ leagues to take the #SheIS pledge. The goal of the initiative is to increase the participation of young women and girls across various sports and leagues.

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WNBA Finals - Game One
WNBA President Lisa Borders speaking before Game 1 of the 2017 WNBA Finals.

WNBA President Lisa Borders took the #SheIS pledge to join forces with other women’s sports leagues in the US and Canada. The goal is simple: create a united front in an effort to grow women’s sports.

Borders will be working with the heads of USA women’s tennis, the Canadian women’s hockey league and other women in sports who occupy leadership positions to:

  • get more young women and girls playing sports;
  • introduce them to new sports; and
  • develop confident young women.

The latter point is vital — not only to women but to society at-large.

“There are many skills that you garner playing team sports,” Borders said. “There is an Ernst & Young study where they talk with 400 successful women on four continents, primarily in top leadership roles. And 80 percent of those women said a great part of their success, they attribute to playing organized sports. So we know that there is inherent value in sports for the individual, and we certainly learn playing as a team to persevere.”

The series will be supported by a series of PSAs, including this one:

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