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Hoops Happening: Today in women’s basketball — Sunday May 13, 2018

Read on for results from yesterday’s games, a thank-you note to the NBA’s Nick Young and links.

WNBA Finals - Game Three
Chelsea Gray
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Wowza! The teams that won on Saturday won big, while those they defeated suffered blowout losses. Yes, these are just preseason games that don’t factor into the regular-season record. But what do big losses — and, in some cases, being swept in the preseason — mean for a team’s psyche and players’ confidence?

The 2018 WNBA regular season starts in five days! Will the Sky, Fever and Mercury be ready?

Game results

Los Angeles Sparks vs. China National Team

Whether playing the USA Basketball Women’s National Team at the end of April or WNBA teams in the preseason, Team China gave the US women little competition, including against the Los Angeles Sparks on Saturday.

Final score: 82-61, with a monster points-assists double-double, plus four rebounds, from point guard Chelsea Gray.

Washington Mystics vs. Indiana Fever

It was a hopeless night for the Fever in EDD territory, with nary a player scoring in double digits and the team committing 19 turnovers. The Mystics, however, looked locked in and loaded, with four players putting up double digits on offense.

Final score: 91-56, with Monique Currie scoring 12 points, Elena Delle Donne and Tiana Hawkins scoring 15 apiece and AJ Alix finishing with 10.

Minnesota Lynx vs. Chicago Sky

The Sky can only improve from here, but will they? The team has lost its three preseason matchups by wide margins and no one has really provided offensive help to Stefanie Dolson. Rookie hopeful Gabby Williams put up seven points, but she turned the ball over three times. Meanwhile, it was just another day at the office for the Lynx.

Final score: 87-58, with Maya Moore and Sylvia Fowles finishing with 15 and 17 points, respectively.

Seattle Storm vs. Phoenix Mercury

The Storm closed its preseason series against the Mercury 2-0, while Phoenix didn’t manage to get a win. Mercury players have cheered the newfound depth of their team, but last night’s game points to Seattle having this edge, with rookie Jordin Canada putting up a a game-high 17 points.

Final score: 84-61, with Breanna Stewart contributing 14 points and Natasha Howard and Aleksandra Crvendakic putting in 12 points apiece.

Today’s game

Aces star A’ja Wilson and her former Gamecocks teammate Allisha Gray, the reigning WNBA Rookie of the Year with the Dallas Wings, graduated yesterday from the University of South Carolina. Today, they will be rivals in the final game of the 2018 WNBA preseason.

Other happenings in women’s hoops

Thank you, Nick Young!

Seriously. I mean it! Thank you!! You have performed a great service to society by elucidating the misogyny and sexism women battle on the daily.

See, when people from marginalized groups point out a societal ill — like, when Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest the police killings of African Americans — their words and actions often are dismissed until validated by people from a non-marginalized group. In Kaepernick’s case, it took white Americans speaking out (including your coach) to legitimize the police brutality black Americans had been reporting all along.

In this case, women have been speaking out for forever about the sexism and misogyny threaded tightly into the fabric of this society (and their effects on everything from employment and earnings to housing), but the messages have been dismissed, shot down or mocked. But when men speak to these issues — or, in your case, exemplify the problem — people pay attention.

So, Nicky, I really appreciate you confirming before the world what women have known and railed against all along:

  1. appearance trumps talent, intelligence and skill for unevolved men like yourself
  2. a woman’s success is tied to the degree to which men find her sexually desirable which confirms the need for more women with decision-making powers in all businesses
  3. many men, including you, really truly legitimately navigate the world by their penile reactions which is both immature and pathetic
  4. the double standard is real: men get respect because of how they do their jobs no matter how they look
  5. many men childishly choose to silence, ignore or mock women they have no chance of sleeping with

The latter point is important because it relates directly to your lust for Instagram models. The WNBA is filled with gorgeous women — many of whom would make excellent model models. (I have personal hopes of seeing DeWanna Bonner, Elena Delle Donne and Imani McGee-Stafford in Cover Girl commercials one day!)

So, isn’t your issue really that the women compete in actual uniforms, just like the men, rather than in, say, bikinis? (See 2 and 3 above.) I mean, would you want to play in a Speedo? Doubtful. Finally, is part of your problem also that even if you do find certain players to be attractive you know you’d never have a chance with some of them because they’re gay?! (See 5 above.)

Serious question/parting gift: What are you teaching your daughter about her place in the world with your disgusting comments and treatment of women in general? More importantly, what are you teaching your son?

Links Appeal

Shine brighter — and help others to shine brighter, too.