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4 reasons Creighton is still alive in Big East Tournament

The Creighton Blue Jays played a complete game on Sunday, highlighted by Jaylyn Agnew's 23 points, to silence the St. John's Red Storm 66-58 and move to the Big East Conference Semifinals

Danielle Bielawski/Swish Appeal

Chicago, IL — The Creighton Blue Jays moved one step closer to winning the Big East championship, defeating the St. John's Red Storm 66-58. We're going to lay out some key takeaways from the victory.


Like baseball, runs are very important in basketball, as that is what gave the Blue Jays separation from the scary Red Storm that was brewing. To end the first quarter, the Blue Jays went on an 11-2 run and outrebounded the Red Storm 22-12.

After a long talk in the locker room, St. John came back within reach as they sparked a 9-0 run. This allowed them to erase the deficit of eight to only one, bringing the score to 32-31. St. John’s tightened up their defense to put Creighton on a cold streak as they shot 1-of-4 in the first five minutes of the second half.

As cold as Creighton started the third quarter, they warmed up in the fourth quarter when Jaylyn Agnew sparked another much needed 7-0 run.

“It’s not easy to win in a conference tourney. We were nervous early, then we bounced out of it,” Creighton head coach Jim Flanery said after his team’s victory. “We then fought and put into a position that we finally got separation from us and them.”

From the Distance

Like the Marquette game, the three-point game is really important in the Big East Tournament. Creighton outshot St. John’s from behind the arc 7-1. Creighton’s game plan of moving the ball allowed great open looks from beyond the arc and attributed to the 11 assists in the game.

Creighton finished 50% from the three shooting 7-of-14. St. John’s only shot six times from the three and only got one to drop the entire game.

Charity Strip

The free points from the charity strip played a huge factor in the end result of today’s matchup. Creighton was gifted with 14 trips to the strip, capitalizing on all but two. Seventeen of their 62 points were handed to them.

Jaylyn Agnew, Sydney Lamberty, Temi Carda all shot perfection at the stripe in today’s victory against St.John’s.

“We came out focused and we executed.” Agnew said after her teammates’ perfection from the line. “We knew we had to win.”


Jaylyn Agnew came into tonight’s game averaging 14 points per game. Her eye for the game and extra hustle points gave the Blue Jays nine more points than expected, finishing the game with 23. Although only a sophomore, Agnew played with a lot of confidence and leadership.

As the Red Storm tried to get back in the game, Agnew’s composure kept her team from allowing that to happen as Saint John’s didn’t lead again after the third quarter at the 35-34 mark.

The Blue Jays will take on the Golden Eagles tomorrow at 3pm. One of these teams will fly their way to Big East Championship Game.