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‘Finally feeling good again,’ McCoughtry returning to Atlanta, WNBA

Angel McCoughtry has announced she is ready to be back in the best league in the world.

Atlanta Dream v Chicago Sky Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

She’s back!

Last year, Angel McCoughtry stepped away from the court to rest her body after years of playing in the WNBA, then at the conclusion of the season playing abroad.

In an article in the Player’s Tribune titled “Feeling Good Again,” McCoughtry broke down why she took a break, but also how she is ready to be back in the league.

“I’m so excited to be coming back to the WNBA this season — and I’m even more excited to be coming back to the Dream.

I’m finally feeling good again.

There’s so much that I’ve missed about playing in this league — about being part of the greatest women’s basketball league on the planet. I’ve missed rubbing shoulders with my teammates and friends. I’ve missed chasing that ring.

And man, I’ve missed being out there for all the young girls who look up to us.”

She also went on to break down when she first heard about the league as a child, as well as becoming the overall No. 1 pick back in 2009. After taking readers through memory lane, McCoughtry wrapped up her piece simply stating, she’s “ready.”

“So all I can say, for now, is — I’m ready.

I’m ready to be back. I’m ready to do everything in my power to help deliver a championship to the city of Atlanta. And I’m ready to continue to support, and develop, and build up this league that I love so much.”

McCoughtry even took time on Instagram to share a special message with Dream fans: