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Oregon State bans fan 2 games for taunting USC player

Oregon State has disciplined the fan who used derogatory language toward a USC player last week.

Courtesy of USC Athletics

Early last week, Minyon Moore a guard at USC, accused a fan(s) at Oregon State of using derogatory language toward her and her teammates after the Trojans fell to the Beavers. Oregon State’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Access conducted an investigation into the situation and announced they have banned the fan – who is not being named – from attending two home games at Oregon State.

Scott Barnes, the Athletic Director at Oregon State stated the following in a release from the Beavers:

“Based on the findings of an investigation conducted by Oregon State University’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA), we have decided to exclude from the next two women’s basketball games at Gill Coliseum, the individual who was reported to have directed derogatory comments at members of the USC women’s basketball team during a game played against OSU on February 18th.

The university’s investigation found that the comments made by this particular fan were not of a racially derogatory nature. Yet, this individual’s conduct during the game and comments taunting a specific opposing player are inconsistent with the standards of appropriate behavior that we expect and require from our fans in providing a great home court advantage for our teams, while also respecting our opponents and game officials.”

As reported by the OregonLive, the investigation included interviews with players, coaching staff and administration from both USC and Oregon State, the fan who has been banned, as well other fans who were present in the area. The report also stated the lead investigator reviewed three and a half hours of tape.

”We appreciate Oregon State’s diligence looking into the matter,” stated USC’s associate sports information director Darcy Couch via the OregonLive. ”The USC women’s basketball team is focusing on the upcoming Pac-12 tournament.”

A representative for Oregon State, Steve Clark, gave an apology to Moore and the rest of USC for the incident as reported by the OregonLive.

”We apologize once more to this USC player for what she heard. We also apologize to her teammates, coaches and the University of Southern California. We greatly regret this incident and our finding that a fan targeted a USC player with taunts. The behavior does not represent this university’s values for inclusivity, success and safety for all, nor does it represent OSU’s longstanding athletics history of fair play and great competition.”