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Governor wants full retraction from Missouri, SEC after Staley accusations

Henry McMaster, the Governor of South Carolina has chimed in on the latest situation between South Carolina’s head coach Dawn Staley and Missouri’s athletic director Jim Sterk.

Republican National Convention: Day Two Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The ongoing situation between Missouri and South Carolina has not slowed down.

From players for the Gamecocks and Tigers getting into it on the court, to Missouri’s athletic director Jim Sterk accusing Dawn Staley of promoting an “unhealthy” environment, and even to Sterk not only being fined by the SEC, yet being sued by Staley as well.

As all this continues to unfold, South Carolina’s AD Ray Tanner has not been quite on the allegations made against Staley, nor has the administration at Mizzou had sealed lips even following the conference fining Sterk.

However, now the Governor of South Carolina has stated his opinion on the whole ordeal.