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USC star accuses OSU fans of racism, using derogatory slurs

Minyon Moore recently stated her and her teammates were called derogatory names after losing to Oregon State on Sunday.

Courtesy of USC Athletics

For the second time this season, it is being reported racial slurs have been directed at the losing team while playing on the road. First, it was Missouri, when the Tigers fell to South Carolina a few weeks ago, now a sophomore guard at USC, Minyon Moore, has stated herself and the rest of the Trojans were called names after falling to the Beavers yesterday, 69-63.

Immediately after the game, Moore took to Twitter to express what she heard, yet since the incident happened, Moore deleted her Tweet, however, the Gazette-Times pulled her tweets prior to them being deleted:

“Oregon state fans calling us n***** after the end of the game great sportsmanship.”

“Oregon state thinks they have the best fans. ... no you have racist fans. Calling players “you black girls”, “black b****” and “you n******” is unacceptable. @Pac12Network @pac12 you need to address this @BeaverWBB.”

The report further stated Marianne Vydra, Oregon State’s Deputy Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator, has been made aware of the situation and has stated the university is waiting for an incident report to be filed before further investigating on the accusations.

Vydra also stated while she has “never dealt with one of these before,” she does expect Oregon State fans “to be classy at all times.”

More as the story develops.