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Angel McCoughtry sick and tired of not getting paid like ‘the men’

A topic often addressed around the country is equal pay for women athletes. Now, Angel McCoughtry a star player for Atlanta is speaking her thoughts on herself and other WNBA players being paid better in the USA.

Atlanta Dream v Chicago Sky Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

It is no secret majority of the WNBA travels abroad at the end of their season to play overseas and make more money while playing ball.

In fact, last year Angel McCoughtry decided to sit out the 2017 WNBA season but she did play abroad — where she actually makes more money. She found it fit the best option for her was to rest during the WNBA and instead continue to play in a different country.

Even though McCoughtry was not paid by her team overseas, Diana Taurasi was in 2015 to sit out for the Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA and strictly play in Russia that season.

We don’t hear about NBA players heading overseas to play nor taking a season off in America, yet still playing in another country.

Why? Mainly because of the pay they receive compared to their women counterparts who continue to fight for not only their voices to be heard, but receive better pay — especially in the State.

Recently, McCoughtry broke her silence and addressed the issue of what she would like to see happen when it comes to paying for professional women basketball players. However, the conundrum with McCoughtry’s argument, and others who make that same complaint, is that the high salaries the NBA players make, comes from attendance, merchandise, lucrative TV contracts, etc. T

he NBA generates around 2.6 billion dollars in annual revenue in TV money from Turner, ESPN/ABC — the totality of the deal is for 24 billion dollars.