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Disappointment consumes Maryland after starter tears ACL

Bad news has hit Maryland after learning the news of Blair Watson’s injury sustained in practice earlier this week.

Iowa v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Knee injuries continue to end various players season all across the nation. Sadly, Maryland announced it will play the rest of the season without starting guard Blair Watson who torn her right ACL in practice earlier this week.

In a press release, head coach Brenda Frese stated the following on the injury:

“Obviously, we’re disappointed for Blair. She was having a really fantastic season and we are going to miss her presence and playmaking ability on the court. We’ll do everything we can to help her in her recovery and support her through the process. This team has tremendous chemistry and will continue to compete at a high level.”

With Watson no longer in the line-up, the Terrapins will now be without its second leading scorer as she was averaging 13.8 points per game. Watson is currently ranked third in the Big Ten in the three-point shooting percentage at 44.1%.