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Apartment robbery at Georgia Highlands College

Georgia Highlands players come home to find their televisions stolen from the upstairs bedrooms of their apartment.

Courtesy of Georgia Highland Athletics

Four members of the Georgia Highlands College team came home to an unpleasant surprise earlier this week, when they found their apartment had been burglarized.

According to the police report, the college-provided apartment at The Grove at Six Hundred complex was left unlocked on Monday when the players left around 8 a.m. The players came home to find that two of the TVs in the upstairs bedroom had been stolen -- a value of $580.

The stolen TV’s were a Vizio flat screen valued at $500, while the other was a Phillips flat screen valued at $80. The Phillips TV had been purchased for the team apartment by coach Brandan Harrell, however, the other one belonged to a player on the team.