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NCAA: Game-changing rule to make DI transfers eligible ASAP explored

Could the NCAA vote to allow players to play immediately?

Track and Field: NCAA Indoor Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When a player transfers – which was an exceptionally high number this offseason --, there is always a discussion on why a player(s) wants to leave a university with various individuals transferring being more eye catching.

Regardless of the reason, more often than not, releases were granted. At the same time, though, those individuals knew transferring to another Division 1 institution meant they would have to sit out an academic year.

However, what happens if that no longer is the case? As reported by 247Sports, a NCAA board is discussing Division 1 athletes not having to sit when they make their first transfer.

The report stated:

“The only potential restrictions are that student-athletes would be asked to meet a minimum GPA, in order to transfer immediately, and that any additional transfer would require the student-athletes to sit out a full year. The proposal, which is being solicited among members for feedback, is gaining increased traction in recent weeks, a source confirms.”

The article further informed a proposal must be complete by Nov. 1, yet will be “voted upon next April with the possibility of this going into effect as early as the 2018-19 calendar.”