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Sue Bird becomes WNBA’s All-Time Assists leader

The anticipation of Sue Bird passing Ticha Penicheiro is over -- Bird has passed her for most assists in the WNBA.

When Ticha Penicheiro retired after the 2012 season, she left as the WNBA’s All-Time Assists leader with 2,599. That record has been hers even years after she last played – until now. The record now belongs to Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm.

As the season started, many believed if Bird stayed healthy she would be able to pass Penicheiro for the number one spot, and she did just that with only a handful of games left in the regular season. As it stands now, the Storm will be in the playoffs starting in September – more games to add to her record.

For now, there has been no word from Bird on retiring, therefore, she could push her new record even higher.