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Dunk-off: Griner, Jones to slam for worthy cause

Connecticut and Phoenix fans are holding food drives in their local community. The catch? Whoever falls short has to slam dunk wearing their rival’s jersey!

Barry Gossage - NBAE/Getty Images

The Connecticut Sun (18-9) and Phoenix Mercury (14-13) will meet up for their second to last game this Sunday. In their last meeting, on Aug. 4, the Sun clinched a 93-92 victory over their opponent.

But, this time, the teams are taking their talents off the court to decide final bragging rights.

Both the Sun and Mercury will be holding matching food drives in their local communities to see who can make a bigger impact. Donations will begin this weekend on Aug. 20 when the team's faceoff in Connecticut and end when the two meet again on Sept. 1 in Phoenix. Any canned foods and nonperishable items will be accepted.

Connecticut’s Governor Dannel Mallory stated this on the Food Drive:

“While many of us think of donating to food pantries around the holidays the reality is the need exists throughout the year. This food drive will help thousands of people in our community as we head into the fall and I am excited to work with the Sun in helping those less fortunate.”

For the drive, the Sun has partnered with the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center ( The organization boasts 81 food centers and feeds almost 20,000 people per month.

When time is up, the fans will weigh in. Whoever collected the most food, measured by pounds, is deemed the winner and will be awarded a $500 donation from the opposing team, which will go towards its food bank.

In addition, Brittney Griner of Phoneix and Jonquel Jones or Connecticut will partake in this friendly food drive. If the Sun win, Griner must dunk wearing a Jones jersey. On the contrary, if the Mercury wins, Jones will dunk wearing a Griner jersey. The video will be available on team and player social media accounts.