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Brittney Griner carried off court after landing awkwardly on leg

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The Mercury’s best player this season has left the game with an injury.

Barry Gossage — NBAE/Getty Images

Brittney Griner left the game for Phoenix after hurting her leg. It appeared she originally twisted her ankle, which in a domino effect, caused her to twist her knee. She fell on the floor grabbing her knee, but the replay showed the initial situation started with an awkward twist of her ankle.

Griner had to be helped off the court, and was assisted to the locker room. As she walked to the locker room, it appeared that she was able to put a little bit of weight on her leg.


Phoenix announced Griner is expected to miss the next 3-4 weeks after sustaining a bruised bone in her left knee, as well as a sprained right ankle. She will continue to be evaluated during her time off the court and be updated on her playing status at a later date.