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Te’a Cooper’s fight with teammate led to transfer from Tennessee

Ex-Tennessee guard Te’a Cooper elected to transfer to South Carolina, after instigating a fight with a teammate, per report.

Te’a Cooper, Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The past couple of months at Tennessee has been “eventful” to say the least. First, talented sophomore guard Te’a Cooper decided to transfer — after already sitting out the past season due to injury — to South Carolina. Then her former teammate and best friend, Diamond DeShields, abruptly reversed course and decided to forgo her final season with the Lady Vols and turn pro.

And according to multiple Swish Appeal sources, one of the reasons why DeShields elected to leave, was because her best friend, Cooper, was forced out of the program. However, the looming question, and something that’s not been elaborated on: Why was Cooper told to leave?

Well, per a report by longtime Tennessee sportswriter and radio host Jimmy Hyams, Cooper’s forced exit from the Tennessee program was because of a fight she had with a teammate, Jaime Nared:

Former Lady Vol basketball player Te’a Cooper decided to transfer from Tennessee in part because she faced possible disciplinary action regarding a fight she instigated with teammate Jaime Nared, according to multiple sources.

The fight occurred in a dorm room shortly after the Lady Vols season ended

It was witnessed by several Lady Vols basketball players, the sources said.

Another interesting point that Hyams raises in his report, is whether the SEC will have something to say regarding Cooper:

The SEC has a rule that can prohibit a player from transferring within the league if the player has a history of questionable behavior.

It is not known if the SEC will make a ruling regarding Cooper since no charges were filed against the redshirt sophomore from Powder Springs, Ga.

Swish Appeal has been able to confirm Hyams’ report.