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Settlement reached in Moody v. Iowa State lawsuit

A settlement has been reached between Nikki Moody and Iowa State.

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One year and a couple months later the lawsuit involving Nikki Moody, a former Cyclone player, against Iowa State is finally over.

Today the Iowa Daily announced Moody and Iowa State have reached a settlement in the case for $60,000. The Iowa Daily reported according to the settlement agreement released, Moody will receive $35,619.13.

The report further elaborated stating there is no admission of liability for the Defendants.

“This agreement is not, and shall not in any way be construed as an admission by any Defendants that it engaged in any acts of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation against Plaintiff or that it violated any federal, state or local law,” the settlement said.

In April of 2016 Moody filed the lawsuit against Iowa State and her former head coach Bill Fennelly for discrimination when she played for the university. However, a few weeks ago Fennelly was dropped from the lawsuit and Moody proceeded to continue suing Iowa State.