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Top NBA prospect Jackson signs Diverson agreement; owes Calvert apology

After a December 2016 incident, former Kansas basketball player Josh Jackson must follow a diversion agreement for an altercation with women’s basketball player, McKenzie Calvert.

Oklahoma v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Since December of 2016, the case between former Kansas star Josh Jackson and McKenzie Calvert, an ex-player on the Jayhawks’ women’s basketball team, has continued to progress forward in the court system after Jackson allegedly damaged Calvert’s vehicle during an altercation.

As of Tuesday (May 23), Jackson has signed a divergent agreement for his confrontation with Calvert. According to a report by ESPN, Jackson signed the agreement on April 26. As a part of the agreement Jackson must do the following: complete an anger management class, complete community service (both by October 31), refrain from using alcohol/recreational drugs for a year, as well as write a letter of apology to Calvert by June 30.

Last month Jackson pleaded guilty to the vandalism of Calvert’s car; now he has signed a "stipulation of facts" document which states he did follow Calvert from the club back in December calling her names, yelled at her, and kicked Calvert’s vehicle.

As reported by ESPN, the document Jackson signed says, "I kicked her vehicle, breaking the left rear taillight and denting the driver's door.”

According to county District Attorney Charles Branson, Jackson was not charged with felony criminal damage over $1,000, "due other unidentifiable individuals damaging the vehicle.”

On top of the two agreements he signed, Jackson also had fees to pay: $158 in court costs, $150 in a diversion fee and $250 in restitution to Timothy Calvert, McKenzie's father. However, if Jackson violates any part of his one-year diversion agreement, he will have to pay restitution to Calvert which is $3,150.