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Smesko turns down USC, staying at FGCU

USC has fallen short once again of hiring the next head coach as Karl Smekso has now turned down the job after being offered earlier this week.

Photo by Linwood Ferguson

The search for a new head coach has been a struggle for USC this off-season. A couple weeks ago the university offered the job to Kate Paye who eventually turned the job down and decided to remain an assistant coach at Stanford.

The administration struck again by offering the job to Karl Smesko a couple days ago, however, he has elected to keep his coaching position at FGCU making that strike two for USC. It was 1st reported by David Moulton.

Smesko elaborated on what led him to remaining with the Eagles:

"It wasn't that it was hard to say 'yes' to USC," Smesko said. "It's just hard to leave something that you really love and have invested so much in."

As the summer months are approaching — a huge time for recruiting — the administration at USC must act fast to fill the coaching vacancy.

The school might circle back around and hire Beth Burns — who was a finalist, by promoting her from associate assistant to head coach as she has been on staff for the past three seasons.

More as the story develops.

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