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Wynn, Washington met over weekend; school’s top choice

Washington met with Long Beach State head coach Jody Wynn this past weekend, according to sources.

Courtesy of Long Beach State Athletics

After a very successful season, and coming within moments of pulling off one of the top upsets in the NCAA Tournament, Long Beach State’s Jody Wynn was clearly going to be a top candidate for openings.

And with Mike Neighbors leaving for his “dream” job, Arkansas, Washington is now looking for a replacement. The Huskies search has been very stealthy and silent.

However, yesterday, we reported that a couple of names that have piqued the interest of the Huskies are South Carolina’s Melanie Balcomb and Oregon’s Mark Campbell.

But Swish Appeal has learned through multiple sources, that Washington’s top choice is Wynn. As a matter of fact, the Long Beach State head coach was on the Seattle campus this past weekend. However, things can change, so stay tuned as this story develops.