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Bill Fennelly dismissed from lawsuit by ex-player

Bill Fennelly is no longer being sued by his former player, Nikki Moody.

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It has been just under a year since ex-player at Iowa State, Nikki Moody opened a lawsuit against her former university and head coach Billy Fennelly for racial discrimination and retaliation against Moody while she was at the school.

The Des Moines Register reported today, Fennelly has now been officially dismissed from the lawsuit.

A district court document from Polk County stated, "The plaintiff, Nichole Moody, hereby dismisses Defendant William Fennelly without prejudice."

As for Fennelly, he is appreciative of the latest news he received:

“It’s a very positive development for a lot of reasons, obviously. And really I’m just very, very grateful, thankful, blessed, whatever word you want to fill in the blank, with the amazing support that I’ve gotten from everyone. I mean everyone. It’s something that we’ve been dealing with but … I’m just really grateful for the amazing help and support that I’ve gotten.”

As for the university, the lawsuit still stands. Iowa State released a statement:

“The Attorney General's office will continue to work directly with the plaintiff's attorneys regarding the remaining claims against the University."