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Affidavit alleges Jackson threatened to ‘beat’ Calvert’s ‘a**’

More details have been released surrounding the incident between Josh Jackson and McKenzie Calvert, both basketball players at Kansas University.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The story line surrounding basketball players, McKenzie Calvert and Josh Jackson at Kansas, continues to be an ongoing situation.

A new report by ESPN stated in the affidavit, Jackson threatened to “beat” Calvert.

In her affidavit, Calvert alleges Jackson followed her to her car and “was yelling for her to get out of the car and that he would beat her ass.”

Teammates of Calvert, Caelynn Manning-Allen reported she attempted to restrain Jackson during the argument with Calvert and he was able to kick the vehicle before Manning-Allen could successfully pull him away. Another teammate, Eboni Watts stated she saw Jackson kick the driver's side of Calvert’s car two times, as well as the tail light.

The affidavit also states other witnesses to the incident that Jackson did damage the door and tail light (about $1, 127 worth of damage), as opposed to another part of the affidavit stating the damage done was estimated to about $3,150 with issues with the bumper, grille, fender, windshield, left tail light and the door on the driver’s side.

Jackson is set to appear in court on April 12.

More as the story develops.