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UConn Huskies...Invincible?

Feb. 13 was a day many, many people will remember as UConn cruised to its 100th straight win. What exactly is it that separates them from the rest?

Connecticut v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Repeat after me: 100 straight victories.

There are a couple burning question after last nights elusive win for the Connecticut Huskies, doing what no other team in NCAA history has done. What does UConn have that no other team does? How much longer will the streak continue?

The first – what does UConn have that no other team does? Well, first and foremost, they have Geno Auriemma. They also have the utmost clout in recruiting because of what Auriemma has built. And let’s not forget tradition. They have tradition that most programs across the board likely strive for themselves.

On paper, the Huskies have four players averaging double-figure points. They have seven players averaging two or more rebounds. They have an overall record of 25-0. They lead the country in field-goal percentage, assists per game, and assist-turnover ratio. All of this combined? They have a lot of their opponents psyched out before the game even begins.

It’s one thing to use statistics to back up the dominance of the Huskies. However, let’s not forget the intangibles that equate to what Connecticut has done on paper this year and every other year leading up to their 100th consecutive win. What does leading the country in field-goal percentage say about a team?

It screams gym rats, work ethic, and high expectations. How else do you shoot this efficient of a clip from the field as a team? It’s simple: you go to work. But one step further – it’s a priority for every single player on the team. It’s not one person shooting well. It’s everyone whose name gets called to play. That’s also toughness; hitting shots consistently, even under pressure.

What does leading the country in assists per game say about a team? I won’t say it means everything, but it kind of says everything. Nobody cares who gets the glory. That’s just it. Connecticut doesn’t tolerate selfishness. The extra pass is the best pass. It’s not coincidence four players average double-figures.

Last but not least, what does having the best assist to turnover ratio in the country say about a team? It exudes discipline. As Gabby Williams stated in her post-game interview yesterday (Feb. 13), the Huskies are always “chasing perfection” and in every capacity possible. Sure, they’re passing the ball. But they’re also taking care of it.

As easy as it may look sometimes for UConn, reaching 100 straight wins I guarantee wasn’t easy. Can you imagine being an 18 to 21-year-old striving for perfection? Sounds a little stressful, doesn’t it? But they do it – day in and day out – because that’s the expectation. Quite frankly, it would be a disservice to the name on the front of their jersey if they didn’t.

That’s a really tough foundation to crack.