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Top referee arrested on child molestation charges of 14-year-old

Referee Wesley Dean has been arrested on multiple counts of child molestation charges, according to reports.

Courtesy of Channel 2 Action News

According to reports, women’s basketball referee, Wesley Dean, has been charged with child molestation and is being held without bail. It was first reported by Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Dean is charged with two counts of child molestation charges, along with one count of enticement after allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a 14-year-old boy, according the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In that report, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the local police were contacted after the mother of the boy found text messages between Dean and her son. After further investigation, Dean did admit to the police he had met with the boy at the Atlanta Marriott Northwest at Galleria hotel and the two allegedly took part in sexual activity, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the other report, Dean has been known for his officiating for women’s college basketball.

"He has officiated for us and other conferences," said John Iamarion, the commissioner of the Southern Conference, stated in an email.

He worked NCAA tournament games from 1994-2014 and was an official during the Connecticut and Tennessee championship game in 2003. Dean has been active this year in conferences such as the Big East, AAC, Atlantic 10 and the SEC. Back in 2006, he was awarded the Naismith Women’s Official of the Year.

More as the story develops.