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Alcohol incident causes St. Norbert to suspend women’s team 10 games

As punishment for violating institutional policy, the entire team at St. Norbert College will not play its next 10-games

Courtesy of St. Norbert Athletics

It isn’t out of the ordinary for a player(s) to be suspended for breaking team rules. However, how many times has it be shared an entire team has been suspended for a handful of games?

St. Norbert College announced today its women’s team will not be able to play its next 10 games after several players had “a violation of institutional policy stemming from an on-campus alcohol-related incident.”

St. Norbert College Vice President of Mission and Student Affairs Rev. Jay Fostner, O. Praem stated the following on the suspension:

"The health and wellness of our student body is of paramount importance. We have high expectations of our student-athletes and our students in general."

With the suspension effective immediately, the Green Knights will not play again until Jan. 27 against Cornell (Iowa) College. Until then, the women on the team are allowed to practice and participate in any other team-related activities.

“I think we are all a little heartbroken,” Fostner told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “The players and students are certainly feeling disappointed, but they have learned. They have all said clearly, ‘We get this now. We have learned. Time to regroup and move on.’

“Parents are disappointed. The school is disappointed. Our athletic department is disappointed. But it’s about helping our students learn from these incidents and regrouping.”

More so, the team is no longer eligible to play in the Midwest Conference Tournament or the regular season championship as the Green Knights will not be able to play a full conference schedule.