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After coach bites player, multiple brawls, NJCU fires coaching staff

With accusations of biting an opposing team’s player and two fights during and after a game, New Jersey City University has fired its head coach and her staff.

After not one, but two fights – one on the court and the other in the parking lot -- Robyn Burton and her entire coaching staff at New Jersey City University (Division III) have been suspended for the remainder of the 2017-2018 season.

The university released the following statement to the The Jersey Journal:

“An investigation into the December 13 altercation is ongoing. The Women’s Basketball team received no sanction from the NCAA. The University has suspended the entire team from its next regularly scheduled game. Based on additional information learned today, the University has suspended the Women’s Basketball Coach and has relieved her of her coaching duties pending further investigation.

With less than 30 seconds remaining in New Jersey City University’s game against York, players started shoving on the court and from there, the situation spiraled out of control.

While there is no video, it is reported another brawl occurred outside of the facilities between the two teams once again. The report further went to detail Burton is being accused of biting a York College player’s finger, while another player for York also now has a concussion from the altercation.

York College also released a statement:

“Our team traveled to Jersey City for a regularly-scheduled game with the Women’s Basketball team of New Jersey City University. At the end of the game, an altercation broke out on the court, involving many players of both teams. A further confrontation occurred as York College’s players were attempting to board their bus and leave the campus, resulting in injuries to several of York College’s players. York College is taking steps to address the needs of the students affected by this event, and has expressed its serious concerns about the conduct of New Jersey City University’s student-athletes, coaches and security staff to their administration, as well as the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) and the Jersey City Police Department. York College is confident that appropriate action will be taken.”

As the university conducts an investigation, New Jersey City University will be coached by Jourdan Roberson who is an assistant coach on the men’s team. The Gothic Knights have not played since the fight before Christmas and are not set to play again until Jan. 10; four games were canceled in order to let Roberson become accumulated with the woman’s team.