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Kidney transplant needed for Marquette’s Tori McCoy

Tori McCoy is battling a tough disease and the family is asking for help to handle the medical bills.

Courtesy of Tori McCoy’s Instagram

Many do not know, especially since she cannot play this season after transferring from Ohio State last year, but Tori McCoy a sophomore on Marquette’s team, has been battling fatigue all year long. Until recently, it was stated via a family member, she thought it was the wear and tear of being a student-athlete.

Unfortunately, McCoy was admitted to Aurora Sinai Medical Center for an illness a few days ago, when she was then diagnosed with a rare kidney disease called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).

The family stated in their bio of their GoFundMe page, McCoy has about 80% damage to both of her kidneys and dialysis would not be enough for her, but she would need a transplant.

McCoy can remain playing basketball and attending school while she goes through treatment. While she waits for a new kidney, McCoy will be receiving four-hour dialysis treatments three times a week.

For those seeking to help the McCoy family with their medical bills, more information can be found on their GoFundMe page.