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Texas massacre causes UConn’s Geno Auriemma to voice frustration

After the Texas massacre on Sunday, UConn Geno Auriemma took to Twitter criticize the lack of gun reform.

NCAA Womens Basketball: Women's Final Four-Mississippi State vs Connecticut Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

On a peaceful morning of prayer, the inevitable happened.

Sunday morning, what the religious have deemed God’s day, 4% of a small town in the faithful state of Texas was killed in a massive church shooting.

Today, one of the most significant figures in all of college basketball let his feelings towards the tragedy and sympathy for lost loved ones be known on Twitter. UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma tweeted a question that was sure to stir the pot - at the swirling rate our nation has sought hope.

The Hall of Famer spoke about mental illness and questioned the legality and use of assault rifles in the U.S. He tweeted five times in 12 hours.

Auriemma ended his Twitter frustration with this Tweet:

One can understand Auriemma’s frustration, as Connecticut was the state shaken by the massive shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary back in 2012.