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WNBA changes multiple rules for 2018 season

The WNBA has announced multiple rules changes for the upcoming season.

WNBA Finals - Game One Getty

There will be multiple rules changes for the upcoming WNBA season, according to a release by the league. They will include changes to the WNBA Draft, the selection of All-Star Coaching staffs, free throws and an adjustment to Concussion Evaluation Process.

Here is part of the release:

WNBA Draft: For the first time, teams will be permitted to trade first-round draft picks in successive seasons. From Feb. 1 until the immediately succeeding draft, first-round draft picks in both the immediately succeeding draft and the next draft may be traded.

Selection of All-Star Coaching Staffs: The coaching staffs of the teams with the best records in each conference following the Friday games played two weeks before the All-Star Game will serve as All-Star Game coaches.

Free Throw Administration: A delay-of-game penalty will now be assessed if a free-throw shooter ventures beyond the three-point line between attempts.

Adjustment to Concussion Evaluation Process: A rule change intended to promote player health has been approved. As a reminder, if a player is unable to shoot her free throws or participate in a jump ball due to injury, the player is not permitted to return to the game (there is an existing exception for Flagrant 2 fouls). Beginning with the 2018 season, a new exception has been created that is consistent with NBA policy implemented prior to the 2017-18 season. The new rule provides that if a player comes out of the game for a concussion evaluation, completes the locker room evaluation required under the WNBA Concussion Policy and is deemed not to have a concussion, she may then re-enter the game despite having not taken her free throws or participated in the jump ball.