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Ladies Night featuring WNBA stars dominates KG’s Area 21

Kevin Garnett hosted WNBA’s past and present stars during TNT’s NBA coverage Thursday night.

Courtesy of Kevin Garnett’s Instgram

Atlanta, GA — Tonight’s gathering of girlfriends was not just an evening on the couch sipping wine, gossiping about the latest Netflix series, and comparing how long it took you to get through Stranger Things 2.

Ponytails, bare feet, and hair ties in the paint made Kevin Garnett’s Area 21 a real “Ladies Night.” And oh, what a night.

Current WNBA veterans Sue Bird and Lindsay Whalen sat down with KG along with Hall of Famer Cynthia Cooper-Dyke and former Stanford star Rosalyn Gold-Onwude during TNT’s NBA coverage.

However, these seasoned players may have futures off the court as analysts, and they proved that tonight. The depth of their discussion defining Cleveland and Golden State situations at the beginning of the season came from a very intriguing, different, yet trusted point of view any basketball fan would want to hear and could also comprehend.

Bird and Whalen, discussed the remarkable impact, that they’ve been able to make on young players as veterans in the WNBA — and watch rookies grow from their youthful habits and blossom, similar to a caterpillar growing into a butterfly, beaming with strength and confidence.

What made tonight so remarkable, was how their shared passion for basketball, love of the game led them to deeper discussions, because basketball in a lot of ways, is one of the best teachers of life. And it’s something, that everyone from Garnett to Cooper-Dyke discussed at length.

“I love infusing our younger generation with the passion to win, the passion to be great,” Cooper-Dyke described as if she were still out on the court today. “I’ve literally played every role you can play on a basketball team. So i know how to bring a team together to make each player feel important.”

In tonight’s coffee table commentary, the basketball greats deemed It’s their responsibility as female athletes to know their history.

As Lindsay Whalen put it, Cooper and past greats laid the foundation on what it is to be successful and build a dynasty. And while, they enjoyed delving into serious topics such as this, one knew it would be a matter of time, before some debate style questions were asked.

“Are the Lynx the Warriors of the WNBA?”

Oh, they were just getting started:

“Who’s the Steph Curry of the league?”

“Who is the KG of the WNBA?

These questions led to at first, frivolous answers, but eventually led to the bridge between yesterday’s role models and today’s stars.

“What players are next to carry the league?”

An evening of effortless banter, filled with love of the game of basketball, made not only for great TV, but it was a show within a show, providing context for a league, WNBA, that’s often hidden behind the older brother that is the NBA. But as Kevin Garnett showed, basketball is basketball, most importantly, greatness recognizes greatness.