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Dallas assistant Bridget Pettis retires, Erin Phillips promoted

Dallas Wings assistant coach Bridget Pettis announced her retirement. Director of player and franchise development Erin Phillips will take her place on the staff.

Courtesy of Dallas Wings’ Twitter

DALLAS— Dallas Wings assistant coach Bridget Pettis has retired after four years with the organization, the team announced on Monday.

Pettis is a two-decade veteran of the league, and will return to her hometown of Phoenix to focus on her businesses.

“I want to thank the WNBA, and all the organizations that I’ve had the opportunity to work with in this 21-year journey,” said Pettis in a statement.

“I also want to thank all the players, coaches and supporters past and present that planted their seed of excellence into making the league what it is today. Special thanks to the Dallas Wings organization for a wonderful opportunity in helping build the foundation of what is to come. I thank my family and friends for the support and most of all God for everything.”

As a result of Pettis’ retirement, the team has promoted director of player and franchise development Erin Phillips to assistant coach. Phillips retired from her playing career and took on her role in player and franchise development in May of this year. She is also a two-time league champion.

Phillips will be joining second-year assistant Taj McWilliams-Franklin on the staff.

“I am extremely excited for this opportunity to work with and alongside [head coach] Fred [Williams],” said Phillips in a statement.

“He is an amazing teacher with invaluable knowledge for the game and it’s a privilege to be able to learn from him day in and day out. I can’t thank him and Greg Bibb enough for providing me with this next step in my coaching career. The future of this young Dallas Wings team is incredibly bright and I know the best is yet to come.”