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‘Slap in the face’: Coaches furious at lack of White House invite for Gamecocks

Two coaches in the SEC have expressed the disappointment of South Carolina still not being invited to the White House, despite other championship teams receiving their invitation.

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WNBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Michael Hickey/ Getty Images

It’s no secret South Carolina still has not been invited to the White House, despite the Gamecocks being told an invitation was “coming soon”—one still has not come almost a month later.

It also is no secret head coach Dawn Staley has made it known she is “over” discussing the situation and is focused on the upcoming season as her team prepares to defend its National Title.

Yet, these facts do not mean other coaches can’t address the issue. For Vanderbilt’s Stephanie White, she expressed her feelings surrounding the situation recently during the SEC’s media day, as reported by the Tennessean:

“It bothers me for them. I think when you’re inviting every other champion, it’s a slap in the face. It bothers me for them because they deserve that opportunity, if that opportunity is presented to everyone else.

“From someone who has had that experience and understanding what that experience means and for Dawn and their team, it’s kind of slap in the face. No doubt.”

White wasn’t the only coach to address the lack of an invitation for South Carolina, as head coach Niiki Fargas of LSU spoke on it as well:

"They should be given the opportunity to [visit the White House]. It's something that every team before them has been able to do. Why now? Change in leadership? I don't know."

Both Fargas and White have taken a trip to the White House after being a part of teams which have won championships at the college and professional levels. In short, they agree the opportunity should be there for Staley and the rest of the Gamecocks.