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3-team trade: Mystics gets Storm’s 1st rounder; Hartley headed to NY

New York, Seattle and Washington just completed a three-team trade.

Chris Poss - Swish Appeal

One of the first trades of this offseason has taken place, as the Washington Mystics sent Bria Hartley and Kia Vaughn to New York, while receiving Seattle’s first round pick (No. 6), and the Liberty sent Carolyn Swords to the Storm.

Mystics head coach Mike Thibault said this in a release:

"Kia Vaughn has meant a lot to the rebirth of the Mystics organization the past four years,” said Mystics head coach Mike Thibault. “Getting Kia was one of our first priorities when I came to Washington. She helped set the proper tone for how our players should conduct themselves as good pros. Her contributions to this team have been tremendous both on and off the court. However, as we try to move forward, there are always moves that need to be made in order to prepare for the next steps in our development. Fortunately for her, she is going to a team where she will be a perfect fit. We wish her well and thank her for all she has done here in Washington."

Thibault added, "Bria Hartley will have a new opportunity to establish herself in New York. Our guard situation is becoming crowded and this trade will give her a chance to prove herself as a productive player."

More details to come shortly.