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UTEP star indicted for bank fraud

Jenzel Nash has not played for UTEP since November, but now it looks like the public will understand why she was suspended indefinitely.

Courtesy of Jenzel Nash’s Twitter

Earlier today, the U.S Attorney’s Office indicted UTEP standout, Jenzel Nash, as well as six other individuals in front of a federal grand jury for a bank fraud scheme of $237,000, per the El Paso Times.

Nash has been suspended indefinitely since November, and up until now there has not been word of why specifically she was suspended, just that she violated an undisclosed team rule — now it looks like this might be what school officials were waiting on.

Nash has been charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit bank fraud said the officials at the U.S Attorney’s Office.

“I'm not able to comment on it, but one thing I will say, I care about Jenzel. I'll say my prayers for her. I can't comment anymore about the situation," coach Keitha Adams told the El Paso Times.

"Feel bad for Jenzel but no other comment at this time," UTEP athletic director Bob Stull said in a text message to the El Paso Times.

The report also stated the U.S. Attorney's Office said Nash and the other six people who took part in this situation, are being charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud for allegedly conspiring to defraud 21 banks and credit unions nationwide by obtaining loans and lines of credit with false personal and income information.

The alleged scheme dates back to July 2013 until March 22, 2016.

Personally, for Nash, she is being accused of lying by claiming she made $2,472 per month which was tied to an application for a loan of $14,858 from GECU in August 2014. In another transaction, she claimed to have a $4,600 monthly salary in an application for $6,692 loan from Evolve Federal Credit Union in March 2015, per the El Paso Times report.

The FBI and El Paso Police Department have investigated the case, and each charge could permit to up to 30 years in a federal prison.

One of the other individuals being indicted in the case also includes Nash’s fiancé, Terrance Yelder, who was a football player at New Mexico State University. Nash missed UTEP’s 2014-2015 season to give birth to their child who is now two-years-old.