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WSU players boycott practice; coach removed for 2 games

Wichita State head coach Jody Adams-Birch won’t be coaching the next 2 games for the Shockers, as her players boycotted practice after another teammate decided to leave the program.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Almost 2 years ago, Wichita State head coach Jody Adams-Birch came under fire, as she was accused of player mistreatment, amid a plethora of transfers. And after an investigation by the university, Adams-Birch was allowed to keep her job.

Well, this past Tuesday, after another player decided to leave the programs, members of the team decided to boycott practice, according to a report from the Wichita Eagle:

“Jody Adams-Birch has been replaced as Wichita State women’s basketball coach for home games Friday and Sunday while athletic director Darron Boatright reviews “information recently received about the women’s basketball program,” he said in a statement.

The recent decision of sophomore Ellie Lehne to transfer started events that led to the decision, several sources close to the program said.

Lehne met with Boatright to discuss her transfer and her teammates joined her on Tuesday to discuss the overall atmosphere of the team, according to the sources. The players boycotted practice that day, the sources said.”