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Breanna Stewart injures knee; returning home for rehab

Since being done with her rookie year with the Seattle Storm, Breanna Stewart has been playing in China. Now she is headed home to rehab an injured knee.

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This offseason, Rookie of the Year Breanna Stewart has been playing for Shanghai in the Chinese league. However, Stewart will be heading back to the U.S sooner then she expected after she sprained her posterior cruciate ligament in her right knee last week during a game, per the Associated Press.

The good news is, Stewart will not be having surgery on her knee and returns to the States on Friday to begin strengthening her knee through rehab.

"It's fine. It's nothing major, but it's still an issue I guess," Stewart said in her interview with the AP via a phone conversation. "It's perfect timing at least. You don't ever want to get injured. I had an MRI and it showed the PCL injury. The plan right now is to go back to the U.S. and do rehab and then come back for the playoffs."

Her club team finished their regular season in second place and playoffs will begin in February — which helps as Stewart’s team will be on break until the playoffs begin.

Seattle Storm president and general manager, Alisha Valavanis shared with the AP her thoughts on the news of Stewart returning home to rehab her knee:

“We are in close communication with Breanna and the medical team overseeing her rehab. Breanna has our ongoing support as she recovers."

“Fortunately I won't need surgery, I just need to get stronger and get it fixed," Stewart stated in her interview on this being the first time she has hurt her knee.