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Turkey attack: WNBA players safe after deadly shooting in Istanbul

It is being reported, that all 12 players in Turkey during the offseason are safe after the New Year’s nightclub shooting in Istanbul.

Istanbul Nightclub Attacked by Gunman Photo by Stringer/Getty Images

According to the Chicago Tribune, three WNBA players are safe following a deadly shooting in Istanbul early on Sunday morning.

Essence Carson, Chelsea Gray and Jantel Lavender, all players for the Los Angeles Sparks, informed head coach Brian Agler, they were safe. The three champions and other players in the league were next door to the nightclub where shots were fired. The Chicago Tribune reported later in the day WNBA officials informed the Associated Press all WNBA players in Turkey are accounted for.

It was reported, an attacker disguised themselves in a Santa Claus costume, opened fired in a nightclub while celebrations were occurring for New Year’s. At least 39 people were found dead and 69 individuals wounded.

Other information released included the Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said the victims identified – at the moment –were 16 foreign nationals and described as a terror attack.