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Like Mike: McCoughtry is ‘Jordan-ish,’ ‘she’s like Michael Jordan’

Angel McCoughtry put on an epic performance in the Atlanta Dream’s playoff game on Wednesday. It was so amazing that her coach called her Michael Jordan — and he would know firsthand.

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ATLANTA, GA —The sixth-seeded Atlanta Dream hosted the No. 7 seed Seattle Storm on Wednesday September 21 in the first round of the 2016 WNBA playoffs for a heated game with movement up and down the court. The Dream sealed the deal in the fourth quarter to finish ahead of the Storm, 94-85, and to move on to round two.

How did Atlanta pull this off? Two words: Angel McCoughtry.

“I’ve never coached a player like Angel McCoughtry,” said Dream head coach and former Showtime Laker. “She’s ‘Jordan-ish’.. you know... she’s like Michael Jordan. That fourth quarter where she put on that display was something I’ve never seen before.”

The Dream struggled to maintain its footing for most of the game, as they trailed heading into halftime. Then the player, who has been known to have an outburst from time-to-time, had an outer-body experience. Even though she was saddled with foul trouble, McCoughtry decided enough was enough.

Once the third quarter started, she came alive — and took over for Atlanta. McCoughtry ignited the Dream in the second half to tie up the score by the end of the third quarter. Little did Seattle know, she was just getting started.

McCoughtry completely exploded in the fourth offensively. She showed her offensive repertoire by stretching the floor to knock down a few threes, or attacking off the dribble to get to the basket.

Her scoring didn’t stop there either, as she would pull up off of the dribble to drain a long two-pointer or confidently stepped to the foul line knocking down six free throws.

She was in the zone — and there was nothing Seattle could do about it.

McCoughtry scored an incredible 37 points for the game, and kept her team’s dream of a championship title alive.

Her epic fourth quarter display was so much like “His Airness”, as she refused to let her team lose — it was truly a performance for the ages.

When a coach like Michael Cooper has a player like McCoughtry, his “Dreams” can come true.