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Connecticut coach Curt Miller named GM

Head coach of the Connecticut Sun, Curt Miller, was announced today as the teams’ new General Manager.

Chris Poss - Swish Appeal

Yesterday, the Connecticut Sun stated that they had a major announcement for today, and they definitely did, as they have named head coach Curt Miller their new GM.

Last month, Chris Sienko announced he was stepping down from his duties as the General Manger for the Connecticut Sun at the end of this September. Sienko also held the positions of Vice President, COO and Alternate Governor of the Connecticut Sun, which he also stepped away from.

Coach Miller had this to say on being named GM:

“I said from the beginning, I’m going to make mistakes as a young head coach,” said Miller, who was introduced as the head coach of the Connecticut Sun in December. “I’m also going to make some mistakes as a new GM but we’re going to grow together.”

Sienko shared his thoughts on Miller taking over his position.

“Curt is the right person for this job,” Sienko said. “His basketball knowledge is off-the-charts and his ability to adapt, make quick and critical decisions and bring a team together is second-to-none. I feel very comfortable handing off the reins to Curt. I know he respects the position and understands the responsibilities that come with it. He is clearly ready to go and our athletes support this appointment as well.”

For the President of the Connecticut Sun, Mitchell Etess, he has a couple reasons of why Miller being hired is good for the franchise.

“This was really important for two reasons,” he Etess. “One, it showed our confidence in Curt and his coaching staff for the job they’ve done this year. And two, it sends a message to our players, and to the entire basketball community, that there is no change in the direction of the franchise.”