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Hall of Famer Sheryl Swoopes fired after investigation

Sheryl Swoopes is no longer the coach at Loyola and the search for a new coach is under way.

Steve Woltmann/Loyola Athletics

After a long and in depth investigation, Loyola decided to part ways with head coach Sheryl Swoopes.

The Chicago Sun Times reported the news and this statement from the university:

"Sheryl Swoopes is no longer serving as the women's basketball coach at Loyola University Chicago," athletic director Steve Watson said in a statement. "A search for her replacement will begin immediately. Loyola thanks Sheryl for her service to the women's basketball program."

Dating back to April, the university began an investigation into Swoopes when allegations came forward of her mistreating players since she has been the head coach at Loyola. During her short time as the Ramblers coach, 15 players have transferred from the university.

There has been no word yet from Swoopes, however her spokesman, Kimberly Blackwell has made one:

"In response to the inquires made about the investigation, Sheryl is pleased and comfortable with its outcome. She is disappointed, however, with the actions that have followed."

With the holiday occurring (July 4th) Blackwell accounts that being a part of why there has been no comment from Swoopes herself, but when the time is right, there will be something said from her.

What seemed to be very alarming and eye opening, was at the conclusion of this last year, 10 of the remaining players on the team either transferred or had the intention of transferring from Loyola. Sources told the Sun-Times, due to the manner in which Swoopes was behaving, they dealt with psychological distress.

Cate Soane is a former player under Swoopes who transferred after the 2013-2014 season. She told the Sun-Times she was "humiliated, "belittled" and "subject to a lot of inappropriate conduct" while playing at the university. She tried to get a waiver of a redshirt year at her new university after transferring, but was denied even with her argument of being in a hostile environment created by her former coach.

Soane did have a comment on the latest news of Swoopes being fired following the conclusion of the investigation.

"No other student will go through what I had to go through," she said.

Last month, Swoopes released a statement through her spokesman, addressing the allegations being made are accusations and false attacks made of my character and coaching."

The timing of firing Swoopes is tricky for Loyola when it comes to future players for the University. July is the month coaches live on the sidelines of gyms, watching AAU games to recruit to their university. Two big evaluation periods during the month start in a few days, July 6-12 and again later in the month on July 23-29th.

The search for the new hard coach has already begun so that the position can be filled.

As far as Swoopes' assistants, Jeanine Wasielewski and Kesha Watson go, it is still unsure if they will still be a part of the staff at Loyola or if they have been released too. It is also unknown if the three recruits and four players who gave verbal commitments to be a Rambler, will attend Loyola, as they were commitments when Swoopes was going to be the coach at the university.

In her three seasons at Loyola, Swoopes had an overall record of 31-65 and was 19-35 in the Missouri Valley Conference play.