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Exclusive: WNBA coach reacts to league withdrawing fines

Chicago Sky Pokey Chatman gives her opinion on what has transpired today, as the WNBA rescinded the fines of the players and teams who participated in the Black Lives Matter T-shirt protest.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The WNBA players have had their heard, as their uproar over the recent fines caused the league to withdraw them earlier today. Not many coaches have commented publicly on this situation.

But WNBA head coach, Pokey Chatman of the Chicago Sky, gave her opinion exclusively to Swish Appeal on today's events:

"I'm proud to be part of a league with such strong, and passionate leaders/players, both on and off the court, as well as management that is willing to communicate and find solutions to allow it's athletes to express their thoughts/opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement. Rescinding the fines was [the way to] go."