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NBA star calls out WNBA over fines; players angry at league

New York Knicks star, Carmelo Anthony, voiced his opinion regarding the WNBA players and teams being fined and he was not a fan of the punishment the league handed out to his friends in the NBA’s sister league.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of WNBA players being fined for wearing black t-shirts for warmups the last couple weeks, Carmelo Anthony shared his disappointment in the WNBA's decision to fine players for standing up for Black Lives Matter.

He shared with the New York Post, "I don't see no reason to fine them. If anything you should want to support them. I don't know details, but don't see a reason to fine them."

Anthony also made reference to the support the NBA has given to individuals whose lives were taken at the hands of police officers:

"A bunch of teams did it," Anthony said. "Everyone has their own freedom of speech if they decide to use the platform. I don't see no reason for anybody to get fined. We did it [3 ¹/₂ years ago after the Trayvon Martin shooting]. The NBA did it. The NBA was very supportive. I don't see any difference in this matter. Right now the players have a very strong stance in what they believe in right now. I don't think anyone should be fighting that at this moment."

The support around the WNBA continues to happen, as players aren't backing down from having their voice heard. Tina Charles turned her warmup shirt inside out yesterday, that way she could still make her stance but not be fined because she was wearing the team's normal warmup shirt.

Her Liberty teammates stood with her, as they had a media blackout.

Skylar Diggins also joined in on speaking up, this time with a percentage of how many players in the WNBA are a part of the African American community and effected by the tragedies occurring around the nation.

Chiney Ogwumike did not let the day pass without her input being shared as well.