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WNBA President: Women 'deserve the same coverage' as men

First year president of the WNBA, Lisa Borders, addresses the empowering that occurs through the WNBA and how it is time for women athletes to gain and receive the same amount of attention, coverage that their male counterparts do.

Chris Poss - Swish Appeal

Rosemont, IL -- There is no doubt that the WNBA has grown and continues a steady climb upward. In fact, the league’s President, Lisa Borders, is looking forward to the growth that will come with the league as the years continue to move forward and encouraged by what is going on in the league currently.

The league represents women across the nation, who for the last 20 years have been role models and idols for young girls everywhere, which Borders wants the inclusion to continue for all fans of the WNBA, not just females.

"It is not about excluding anyone; it's about including everyone."

Borders believes in equal rights and wants to empower women across the world; that's why she brought her talents to the WNBA.

She made a special appearance yesterday at the AllState Arena to watch the Chicago Sky take on the Dallas Wings. Her passion and love of the league poured through her opening statement.

"It's time for women to have a full seat at the table just like their male counterparts."

Borders has 25 years of experience in operations, marketing, government relations, and public service. She was a vice mayor in Atlanta -- where she helped bring the Atlanta Dream to Atlanta -- she worked for Coca-Cola and served on their Global Community before coming to the league.

The president of the WNBA appreciates the support their brother league has given them. The support has even been televised this year with a commercial from marquee players in the league. Being around for 70 years, the NBA has more experience, but the WNBA is right behind them.

Over the past 20 years, Borders is proud to say that the production of the women's game has improved. ESPN, Adidas and Nike are all taking part of what the WNBA believes in ... Equality. More female athletes have inked shoe deals and clothing with these brands over the years, whereas when the league first came out it was extremely rare for a female to have signed a deal.

Not only on the marketing side, but the athlete's production has even improved over the years. The women athletes are scoring more points per game than ever before.

"The depth of talent is unbelievable. They are taller, faster, and stronger. It's incredible the production is up so high. The game is moving faster now."

Borders also touched base on her vision of the WNBA and if she was planning on to expand it.

"Just like on the planes, you have to put your mask on first before you can assist others." She continued, "When every team is financially stable and operationally sound. Do we want to grow it? Absolutely, but this is a business -- it's fun, but at the end of the day we are running a business."

She came from cheering on the Atlanta Dream in what she called,  "Hollywood seats" (courtside), to being the biggest cheerleader for an entire league.

"The biggest change is not being able to cheer one team on. I was a fan for one team, now a leader of all."

Are you allowed to have a favorite player?

With a laugh, Borders responded, "Nope, all of them are my favorites. All 144 players."

The equality for the league stretches further than only the league's president voicing her opinion. Only a few days ago, the Seattle Storm's rookie forward expressed her view on a platform it would be hard not to hear her on.

At the ESPY's, Breanna Stewart said she wants the WNBA to have more fame. Stewart believes the female athletes deserve more coverage, and the President agrees.

"They deserve the same coverage. Everyone wants to be noticed for the hard work they put in." Borders concluded with, "It's not impossible, it is highly probable. It's a matter of time. It's never a revolution, always an evolution."