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Pat Summitt 'struggling' as family braces 'for the worst'

Women's basketball icon Pat Summitt health is starting to get worse, according to multiple reports.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Today, it's a tough day, as one of the pioneers in women's basketball, Pat Summitt, is struggling with her health, as her battle with early onset dementia is getting worse, according to multiple reports. As first reported by Knoxville News-Sentinel, family members and former players were by Summitt's side this weekend.

Sources informed Swish Appeal about this situation a few days ago, but due to the gravity of this situation, we were told to keep this confidential.

Update 10:48 a.m.

The Pat Summitt foundation via Erin Freeman has released a statement:

“On behalf of Pat Summitt’s family, we acknowledge the past few days have been difficult for Pat as her early onset dementia, ‘Alzheimer’s Type,’ progresses. She is surrounded by those who mean the most to her and during this time, we ask for prayers for Pat and her family and friends, as well as your utmost respect and privacy. Thank you.”

More details to come as this situation develops.