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Duke concludes investigation; McCallie retains job

Duke has finished their investigation into the women's basketball regarding player mistreatment, and their head coach Joanne P. McCallie will remain with the program.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier tonight, Duke announced that they've finished their investigation into the women's basketball program. In early April, the Blue Devils launched an investigation to look into player mistreatment amid concerns and aspersions, that something was amiss, as there has been an exodus of players -- most notably Azurá Stevens -- over Coach Joanne P. McCallie's tenure.

Here is the lengthy joint-statement from Duke AD Kevin White and McCallie.

"Joanne P. McCallie is, and will be, our head women's basketball coach and we support her," said White. "A three-time ACC Coach of the Year, she is a winning coach who has averaged more than 27 wins per season, won three ACC Championships and led our program to the NCAA Elite Eight four times.

"We have received and thoroughly reviewed the evaluation report of the Duke women's basketball program. The purpose of this evaluation, which Duke Athletics initiated with an outside party, was for Duke women's basketball to get even better.

I have discussed the results at length with Coach McCallie, and we are indeed in a position to improve Duke women's basketball for present and future student-athletes, coaches, and staff alike.

We are grateful for the efforts of those who worked so diligently and provided information for this project, including Coach McCallie, and for their deep commitment to Duke women's basketball. The student-athlete experience at Duke is our highest priority, and we will always take seriously any concerns that we are not meeting that goal."

"The information we received from this process, and the subsequent conversations with Duke Athletics leadership, afforded me an opportunity to consider my ongoing efforts to be the best possible basketball coach and leader of young women.

McCallie: "I have always understood that it is an honor and a privilege to coach student-athletes, and that is a commitment I brought with me to Duke University. I understand that it is my obligation to uphold the highest standards of excellence in all areas.

After in-depth discussions with Dr. White, I am satisfied that we share a clear vision moving forward in our aspirations to maintain a championship level women's basketball program. Going forward, I expect these to be the reasons the Duke women's basketball program is in the spotlight, and, as the head coach, it is my responsibility to make it happen."

Duke has not stated if there will be any changes going forward for the program, as Swish Appeal did reach out to the university for comment, but have not heard back.

Update Monday 12:00 p.m:

Duke Senior Associate Sports Information Director Lindy Brown responded to Swish Appeal and stated, "we are not going to be able to comment on anything further than the statements I sent out." So it's still not clear whether McCallie will be required to make any changes going forward after this player mistreatment investigation.