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Ex-FIU player arrested for alleged fraud, theft

Destini Feagin has been arrested today, per reports.

Courtesy of FIU Sports

The Miami Herald reported today, former FIU player Destiny Feagin has been arrested after allegedly committing credit card fraud and petit theft.

The Herald reported Feagin took the victim's Wells Fargo debit card, which they reported the theft on February 15th; the name has not been disclosed currently of who the victim is.

Her name has been a well known this spring after alleging head coach Marlin Chinn sexual harassed her.

During the investigation it was revealed there have been fraudulent transactions from February 2nd to February 10th. Even further, the purchases which occurred with the stolen debit card took place on-campus where it was caught on the business' surveillance camera. It was reported the charges totaled to $347.77.

The bond for Feagin has been set for $5,500.

More details to come as the story develops.

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